Sean S. Cooper - NOTE: THIS PAGE IS CURRENTLY OUT OF DATE. It will be updated ASAP (hopefully before April) - SC

Current Studies

Professional Experience



Public Speaking

Academic Scores

Extracurricular Interests

  • On multiple occasions I have ran science outreach events where I communicate fun science experiments to the general public.
  • I spoke briefly at the Royal Society of Engineering about my work as an educational video editor.
  • During my time as a software development intern I attended a meeting where I presented my data visualisation tool to my team’s collaborator in bioinformatics.
  • I presented, and defended, my undergraduate review project to a small group of academics.
  • Towards the end of my time at DESY I gave a talk presenting my results to the ATLAS group.
  • As a PASS mentor I have often given lecture style explanations of concepts to first year physicists.
  • I have performed live on stage in several bands.