Sean S. Cooper - NOTE: THIS PAGE IS CURRENTLY OUT OF DATE. It will be updated ASAP (hopefully before April) - SC

Current Studies

Professional Experience



Public Speaking

Academic Scores

Extracurricular Interests

2016 — Present

Computing Workshop Organiser, Queen Mary University of London.
I help organise and run a weekly computing workshop where students of all abilities can come to learn to code in a friendly environment.

2014 — Present

PASS Mentor, Queen Mary University of London.
I help demonstrate at a weekly session where first year physics students can ask more senior students for help with their studies

Other interests:

  • I enjoy taking early morning runs.
  • I try to visit a live jazz venue every month.
  • Among other string instruments, I often play the guitar.
  • Since 2013 I have been practicing photography. I have been paid to photograph several events.
  • In 2014 I aided some close friends in starting a free student magazine. I secured many of their first sponsorship deals, and was a regular writer for the magazine.
  • I brew my own craft beer. If you would like to share homebrew recipes then please send me an email!
  • Following my summer spent in Germany, I have begun learning German in my spare time.