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I'm currently studying for a Theoretical Physics MSci at Queen Mary University of London and plan to graduate this summer with a high first-class. After I graduate I hope to move on to postgraduate research where I can continue to study string theory, gauge theories and gravity.

String theory is a topic I've been curious about for a while. This year I've had the chance to begin studying it properly, and am currently completing a research project entitled Double Field Theory and Closed String T-Duality under the supervision of Prof. David S Berman.

Last year I completed a review project entitled Neutrino Oscillation Detection at the T2K Experiment under the supervision of Dr Teppei Katori.
Cooper, Sean S., “Neutrino Oscillation Detection at the T2K Experiment”, 2016.

In 2014 I was awarded the E.J. Wignall Memorial Prize for outstanding academic achievement.

Last semester I completed the following postgraduate taught modules:

  • Advanced Topics in Classical Field Theory
  • Relativistic Waves and Quantum Fields
  • Relativity and Gravitation
This semester I am studying the following modules:
  • String Theory and Branes
  • Advanced Quantum Field Theory
  • Functional Methods in Quantum Field Theory
I am also auditing the module Supersymmetry at King's College London.