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July — Sept. 2016

ATLAS Summer Student, Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron.
I attended DESY’s summer student programme where I worked as a researcher in the ATLAS group. I investigated the Boosted Decision Tree based classification used to distinguish top-associated Higgs production events from background. It was found that the analysis could be significantly improved with the introduction of b-tagging variables.

Aug. — Sept. 2015

Software Development Intern, Queen Mary University of London.
I wrote a piece of data visualisation software to be used in conjunction with mass spectrometry outputs. The project’s goal was to improve the tools available to proteomics researchers.

A plot of proteomics data. This is in fact a screenshot of the visualisation tool developed during my time as a software development intern.

June — Aug. 2015

Educational Video Editor, GRADnet.
An 8-week video-editing contract undertaken as part of the SEPnet summer placement scheme, whilst there I edited a series of physics lecture videos aimed at postgraduates.

Apr. — Sept. 2013

Science Technician, The King Edmund School.
I managed eight classrooms, preparing apparatus and reagents for use in experiments.