Sean S. Cooper May 27 - June 28: I will be participating in the QIST 2019 workshop at the Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics in Kyoto, Japan. Please contact me if you wish to meet during this conference.
Current Studies Professional Experience Teaching Experience Programming Public Outreach Public Speaking Courses Attended Extracurricular Interests

Jan. — May 2019

Teaching Assistant (PHYS 118), University of British Columbia.
PHYS 118, Electricity, Light and Radiation, serves as an introduction to optics and electromagnetism. I run tutorial sessions and provide assistance during lectures.

Sept. — Dec 2018

Senior Teaching Assistant (PHYS 101), University of British Columbia.
Reprising my role as Head TA of PHYS 101, my duties were much the same as previously. I was able to procure much better facilities this time, which meant that - despite the standard teaching spaces still being refurbished - there were no logistical difficulties.

May — July 2018

Teaching Assistant (PHYS 250), University of British Columbia.
During the Summer of 2018, I taught PHYS 250 - Introduction to Modern Physics, covering an introduction to both quantum mechanics and special relativity. The cohort was roughly 80 students, and my duties included running weekly office hours as well as grading assignments, tutorials, and exams. During this course I had the opportunity to give a three hour lecture teaching about Heisenberg's uncertainty principle and the Schrödinger's cat thought experiment.

Jan. — May 2018

Senior Teaching Assistant (PHYS 101), University of British Columbia.
I returned to PHYS 101, this time as a Head TA. In addition to teaching, I took on the additional roles of managing ~30 TAs as well as writing tutorial problem sets. This course has approximated 800 students in attendance, and so involves a great deal of administrative and logistical challenges (allocating hours and duties, running meetings, etc). During this period our standard facilities were being refurbished, this introduced many difficulties that had to be dealt with.

Sept. — Dec 2017

Teaching Assistant (PHYS 101), University of British Columbia.
Teaching two classes of ~50 undergraduate students as part of the class PHYS 101 - Energy and Waves. This involved me running both lab sessions and tutorials, covering the basic physics of fluids, harmonic oscillators, travelling/standing/sound waves, and the interference of light waves.

2016 — 2017

Computing Workshop Organiser, Queen Mary University of London.
I organised and ran a weekly computing workshop where students of all abilities could come to learn to code in a friendly environment.

2014 — 2017

PASS Mentor, Queen Mary University of London.
I demonstrated at a weekly session where first year physics students could ask more senior students for help with their studies