Sean S. Cooper May 27 - June 28: I will be participating in the QIST 2019 workshop at the Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics in Kyoto, Japan. Please contact me if you wish to meet during this conference.
Current Studies Professional Experience Teaching Experience Programming Public Outreach Public Speaking Courses Attended Extracurricular Interests

  • Throughout my time at UBC I have participated in the regular meetings of the research group.
  • Whilst teaching PHYS 250 I gave a three hour lecture to a class of ~80 students.
  • As Head TA of PHYS 101 I would run weekly training sessions for ~20 of my TAs.
  • Having taught many courses I am now very confident when it comes to speaking in front of classes of students.
  • On multiple occasions I have ran science outreach events where I communicate fun science experiments to the general public.
  • I spoke briefly at the Royal Society of Engineering about my work as an educational video editor.
  • During my time as a software development intern I attended a meeting where I presented my data visualisation tool to my team’s collaborator in bioinformatics.
  • I presented, and defended, my undergraduate review project to a small group of academics.
  • Towards the end of my time at DESY I gave a talk presenting my results to the ATLAS group.
  • As a PASS mentor I have often given lecture style explanations of concepts to first year physicists.
  • I have performed live on stage in several bands.