Sean S. Cooper May 27 - June 28: I will be participating in the QIST 2019 workshop at the Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics in Kyoto, Japan. Please contact me if you wish to meet during this conference.
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July — Sept. 2017

Research Intern, Queen Mary University of London.
Continuing the work of my Master's thesis, I researched how aspects of cohomology could be used to study the structure of the higher dimensional manifolds that appear in Double Field Theory and Exceptional Field Theories. This investigation furthered my knowledge of string theory and differential topology, and was a great chance to experience being a research physicist.

July — Sept. 2016

ATLAS Summer Student, Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron.
I attended DESY’s summer student programme where I worked as a researcher in the ATLAS group. I investigated the Boosted Decision Tree based classification used to distinguish top-associated Higgs production events from background. It was found that the analysis could be significantly improved with the introduction of b-tagging variables.

Aug. — Sept. 2015

Software Development Intern, Queen Mary University of London.
I wrote a piece of data visualisation software to be used in conjunction with mass spectrometry outputs. The project’s goal was to improve the tools available to proteomics researchers.

A plot of proteomics data. This is in fact a screenshot of the visualisation tool developed during my time as a software development intern.

June — Aug. 2015

Educational Video Editor, GRADnet.
An 8-week video-editing contract undertaken as part of the SEPnet summer placement scheme, whilst there I edited a series of physics lecture videos aimed at postgraduates.

Apr. — Sept. 2013

Science Technician, The King Edmund School.
I managed eight classrooms, preparing apparatus and reagents for use in experiments.