Sean S. Cooper May 27 - June 28: I will be participating in the QIST 2019 workshop at the Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics in Kyoto, Japan. Please contact me if you wish to meet during this conference.
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During my academic career, I have completed the following courses:
UBC = University of British Columbia QMUL = Queen Mary University of London KCL = King's College London PGT = Postgraduate Taught Course UGn = nth Year Undergraduate Course P = In Progress A = Audited

2018/2019 Academic Year:

  • Topics in General Relativity Theory (PGT, UBC, A, P)
  • Group Theory Methods in Quantum Mechanics (PGT, UBC, A, P)
  • Condensed Matter Physics I (PGT, UBC)
  • Computational Physics (UG4, UBC)

2017/2018 Academic Year:

  • Quantum Mechanics I (PGT, UBC)
  • Quantum Field Theory I (PGT, UBC)
  • Quantum Field Theory II (PGT, UBC)
  • String Theory (PGT, UBC)

2016/2017 Academic Year:

  • Advanced Topics in Classical Field Theory (PGT, QMUL)
  • Relativity and Gravitation (PGT, QMUL)
  • Relativistic Waves and Quantum Fields (PGT, QMUL)
  • Functional Methods in Quantum Field Theory (PGT, QMUL)
  • Advanced Quantum Field Theory (PGT, QMUL)
  • String Theory and Branes (PGT, KCL)
  • Supersymmetry (PGT, KCL, A)

2015/2016 Academic Year:

  • Mathematical Techniques 4 (UG3, QMUL)
  • Quantum Mechanics B (UG3, QMUL)
  • Quantum Mechanics and Symmetry (UG3, QMUL)
  • Spacetime and Gravity (UG3, QMUL)
  • Elementary Particle Physics (UG3, QMUL)
  • Fluid Dynamics (UG3, QMUL)
  • Statistical Physics (UG3, QMUL)

2014/2015 Academic Year:

  • Mathematical Techniques 3 (UG2, QMUL)
  • Quantum Mechanics A (UG2, QMUL)
  • Physical Dynamics (UG2, QMUL)
  • Nuclear Physics and Astrophysics (UG2, QMUL)
  • Electromagnetic Waves and Optics (UG2, QMUL)
  • Thermal Kinetic Physics (UG2, QMUL)
  • Physics Laboratory (UG2, QMUL)
  • Condensed Matter A (UG2, QMUL)

2013/2014 Academic Year:

  • Mathematical Techniques 1 (UG1, QMUL)
  • Mathematical Techniques 2 (UG1, QMUL)
  • Quantum Physics (UG1, QMUL)
  • Waves and Oscillations (UG1, QMUL)
  • Electric and Magnetic Fields (UG1, QMUL)
  • From Newton to Einstein (UG1, QMUL)
  • Scientific Measurement (UG1, QMUL)
  • Introduction to C++ Programming (UG1, QMUL)

Please email me if you require an official transcript for these courses.