Sean S. Cooper May 27 - June 28: I will be participating in the QIST 2019 workshop at the Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics in Kyoto, Japan. Please contact me if you wish to meet during this conference.
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I'm a postgraduate student in Theoretical Physics at the University of British Columbia, supervised by Prof. Moshe Rozali. At present, I am interested in the intriguing connection between spacetime and quantum entanglement.

Currently, I am working on problems related to the AdS/CFT correspondence, researching how quantum information type questions related to CFTs can be answered by probing the black holes that they are holographically dual to.

In particular, I am investigating the holographic duals of BCFTs. This work has been conducted in collaboration with Moshe Rozali, Brian Swingle, Mark Van Raamsdonk, Christopher Waddell, and David Wakeham; our related paper can be found on the arXiv here:
[arXiv:1810.10601] “Black Hole Microstate Cosmology”, 2018.

In June 2017, I graduated my Theoretical Physics MSci from Queen Mary University of London with a First-Class with Honours. During this Master's degree, under the supervision of Prof. David S Berman, I completed a thesis exploring how hidden symmetries in string theory could be promoted to manifest symmetries:
Cooper, Sean, “Double Field Theory and Closed String T-Duality”, 2017.

Prior to this, I also completed a Bachelor's level dissertation, supervised by Dr Teppei Katori, in which I detailed the mechanism of neutrino oscillation and how it is detected at the T2K experiment:
Cooper, Sean, “Neutrino Oscillation Detection at the T2K Experiment”, 2016.

In 2014 I was awarded the E.J. Wignall Memorial Prize for outstanding academic achievement.